PayNow is now available as a payment option for our clients here in Singapore, and it provides a convenient yet secure way to make payment for the tour services booked.


What is PayNow?

PayNow is a new service that allows you to send to and receive money using a mobile number. Singapore NRIC or Unique Entity Number (UEN) without having to know the recipient’s account number. … PayNow only enables funds transfer between participating banks.


PayNow is a peer-to-peer funds transfer service available to retail customers of nine participating banks in Singapore – Bank of China, Citibank Singapore Limited, DBS Bank/POSB, HSBC, Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Limited, Maybank, OCBC Bank, Standard Chartered Bank, and UOB.  PayNow offers an enhanced funds transfer experience that enables retail customers of the nine participating banks to send and receive Singapore Dollar funds from one bank to another in Singapore through FAST1 by using just their mobile number or Singapore NRIC/FIN, instantly. The sender no longer needs to know the recipient’s bank and account number when transferring money via PayNow.


PayNow, launched on 10 July 2017 is provided free to retail customers and is available 24/7, 365 days.


How to use Paynow?

Use a mobile number to send money securely and almost instantly to anyone who has set up the PayNow service.

Step 1:   Log in to your bank’s existing internet banking or mobile banking app.
Step 2:  At the PayNow transfer screen, enter the recipient’s mobile number, NRIC/FIN or UEN (Company registration number) and the amount to be transferred. 


For enquiries in regards to our payment methods, kindly refer to our FAQ section or simply drop us an email at


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