TopLiners Club welcomes its latest Photo Master!

Perhaps the most crucial factor in having a great photo tour is the professional photographer who is leading the tour.  Being the charismatic tour leader, he has to ensure that the guests are well attended to, and also be readily available to provide assistance and photography advice as and when it is needed.  It’s safe to say that not professional photographers can take on photographic tours, and it’s definitely not easy to locate one for this purpose.


For the team at TopLiners Club, we are well aware of this fact.  We are constantly on the lookout for great photographers who can fulfill this role, so that our guests get the “TopLiners” attention that they deserve.


Our relentless search for excellence has helped us to work out a partnership with Juho Uutela, one of the most influential photographers in Finland today.  We welcome Juho to join our ranks as one of our TopLiners Photographer Master, where he is a specialist for Lapland photography, specialising in the Arctic Wilderness and of course, the Northern Lights, which is immersely popular with photographers and videographers.

Juho is based in the northern part of Finland, where all the action takes place.  He also runs an adventure expedition company that specialises in trips to the Arctic Wilderness.  The professional nature and landscape photographer also has a dedicated team of professionals under his belt, who knows exactly all the wonderful places which would be most appealing to specialised groups like our photography tours.


Of course, you would be expecting TopLiners to be running a series of tours to the famous Lapland.  Other than photo tours, we can also arrange great and intimate experiences for couples, families and even corporate groups heading that way.


Last but not least, please check out Juho’s wonderful images at our Masters Gallery.


Welcome Juho! 🙂


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Photographer. Explorer. Entrepreneur. Julian W. is a renowned nature photographer who has worked with both local and international organizations, including Singapore Zoo, Animal Planet, Asian Geographic, Canon, Nikon, Sony and many others. Julian strives to capture liquid interpretations of the nature world. He writes with light eloquently, weaving images that offer a fleeting glance into a world that often escapes us as we go about our daily routine. This expressive visual communicator now runs Julian W. Photography and TopLiners Club, where his keen visual eye, photographic skills and an insatiable hunger for travel formed a partnership to catapult his creativity.

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