Borneo – Proboscis Monkeys & Orang Utans

I had the privilege to visit these magnificent primates on a recent trip, witnessing two of the rarest primates that can be found in this part of the world.


The Proboscis Monkey is endemic to Borneo island and is arguably the most peculiar monkey.  Equipped with a funny nose and a bloated stomach, these monkeys made the mangrove areas their home and feeds on the abundant leaf supplies here.


Similarly, the Orang Utan depends on the forested areas for their supply of wild fruits, roots, insects and other food which they may come across as they roam the trees.

Although it may seemed that food is readily available everywhere, but these magnificent primates are not thriving in their natural habitat.  Heavily logged with electric saws with bulldozers clearing the forests, this is especially evident in many parts of Borneo where land is prioritised for cash crops like palm oil, pineapple, bananas or other plantations.


It won’t be long before the opportunity to observe them in the wild is gone.  As Baba Dioum, a renowned Sengalese environmentalist once said,

“In the end, we will only conserve only
what we love;

we will love only what we understand
and we will understand only what
we are taught.”


TopLiners Club hopes to educate our guests in every little way we can, and hope that our guests can participate and join us for our trips to observe and photography these beautiful animals…and others.  It is only through eco-tourism and photography that would give this world a fighting chance to continue to preserve our remaining natural heritage for our future generations.


Some of the images from my recent trip as follow:


The above images are taken in Kalimantan (Indonesia), where some parts of the journey are tough and may not be suitable for everyone.  However, this image gallery should offer you a great idea of the photo opportunities that you can possibly get for a visit to Borneo.


If you are interested in learning and photographing these wildlife and more, we do have a trip to Sarawak coming up in end March 2019.  Please check out the following:

Sarawak Nature Grandeur 4D3N


Hope to see you there 🙂

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